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The Art of Belonging

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Maria Antonieta 'Ting' Pimentel-Elger. Sherwood Park, Alberta


Artist/Creator Statement:

Belonging to me is heart wrenching

I don't belong here nor there or where?

Yes like an outcast, misplaced wanderer

Belonging is an out of this world concept

Since I don't feel I am accepted nowhere

Belonging can also be a mere state of mind

I can create my art and escape this earth

Like a pond in the sky or a tree rooted in air

Producing kindness disrupting race and might

No reasoning-mindless, intuitive and abstract

Yes exactly like my Arts of Belonging!


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1 Comment

Jun 20, 2022

Love the colours and design or composition of this painting! So true sentiments expressed in the write up.

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