The Edmonton Filipino Fiesta is a vibrant festival that promotes multi-culturalism and diversity in Canada. This is a 2 or 3-day celebration and entertainment showcasing Philippine arts, music, crafts, and food in the heart of downtown Edmonton. 

Kalinangan is the Philippine Arts Council's offering for Alberta Culture Days, and was selected as an official celebration site. Held on September 30, 2017, at the ACCA Centre, 3530 91 Street NW, Edmonton. Featured workshops on Guided Painting, Philippine Folk Dance and Modern Transformations, Work in Progress: Emma the Musical, and Filipino Martial Arts. 

Philippine Heritage Month Celebrations

The month of June has been proclaimed Philippine Heritage Month in Alberta by the Legislative Assembly, and nationally, by Parliament. Each year, the Filipino community hold several events celebrating Philippine culture.

The Learning Table is a series of workshops and roundtable discussions involving students and/or young artists with established visiting  and local performers and/or creatives. This series provides an opportunity for these aspiring artists and students to learn from experienced and established ones, pave the way for a more enriching career in their chosen art, and allow them to connect with artists from their home country and their works, thereby expanding their cultural awareness.

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