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The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Allan Matudio. Montreal, Quebec



Graphic Novel


A dark force has been increasingly manifesting itself after centuries of deep rooting within the prosperous soils of the archipelago known as the Philippines.

Kia and Allison are unlikely allies who arrive at the bustling city of Orkidias unaware that they will soon face one of the most notorious creatures to have ever oppressed the islands.

Kasama draws upon the author's experiences as a tourist in his homeland, as a community volunteer in the diaspora, and as a student relearning his heritage.


I wrote Kasama after spending a year learning about my ancestry. I spent hundreds on books, volunteered countless hours with the community in Montreal and visited the homeland, and after all of that I felt that I wanted to share what I have learned through the medium I loved; comics. I didn't intend to write Kasama, it's basically an extension of my development as a Canadian trying to have a grasp on his roots. The project has since taken on a life of its own. It allowed me to make collaborations from across Canada and with the promise to donate my earnings, we are able to help those who are impacted by the difficult themes that are addressed in the story. Hope you enjoy! For more of my work, visit @allanmima on Instagram.

Sample images from Kasama


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