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Echoes of Identity:
Tracking Filipino Cultural Landscapes
in Edmonton

The Philippine Arts Council, with the support of the Edmonton Heritage Council and City of Edmonton,

is implementing a cultural mapping project, Echoes of Tradition: Tracking Filipino Cultural Landscapes in Edmonton.

This initiative aims to document and map the rich and diverse cultural assets, traditions, and stories of the Filipino community, ensuring their recognition, preservation and sustainability for generations to come.

Through this cultural mapping endeavor, we aim to empower our community, engage diverse voices,

and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage.

We call on all Filipinos, and those of Filipino-descent, in Edmonton! Your voice matters!

Join us in this cultural mapping project and become a part of history.

By participating in our survey, you'll help us create a comprehensive map of Filipino culture in Edmonton,

showcasing the richness and diversity of our heritage.


This initiative is about:

Preserving Our Legacy 

Your stories, traditions, and experiences are the threads that weave our cultural tapestry.

By sharing them, you ensure that future generations can continue to celebrate our heritage.

Building Community

Cultural mapping brings us together, fostering connections and strengthening our sense of belonging.

It's a chance to unite as a community and celebrate what makes us unique.

Empowering Our Voices

Your input helps shape policies and initiatives that support our community.

By sharing your insights, you're making sure our needs and priorities are heard and addressed.


Sharing Our Stories

Edmonton is our home, and it's time to show the world who we are.

Cultural mapping shines a spotlight on the Filipino community, highlighting our contributions to the city's cultural landscape.


Take a few minutes to share your story and be a part of something truly special. Click the buttons below to participate in any of the survey, or all of it, and make your voice heard:



Together, let's put Filipino culture on the map and show Edmonton what we're made of!

Maraming salamat po! 

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