Established in 2016, the Philippine Arts Council's main objective is the promotion and development of Philippine art and culture, and the Filipino artist. Seeking to strengthen the artists' position and impact in the Canadian landscape, it aims to:

  • establish a network of artists engaged in the work of Philippine art and culture, in the fields of dance, music, theatre, literature, film, visual arts, digital arts, design, cuisine, crafts and Filipino martial arts

  • provide programs in the training and advancement of Philippine art and culture

  • provide performance opportunities and foster artistic collaborations 

  • establish a repository of Philippine art and culture resources

  • establish a network of art benefactors, philanthropists and supporters

  • raise resources in support of the promotion and development of Philippine art and culture, and artists who are Filipino or of Filipino-descent

  • provide a space for insights and best practices, and strategic planning on artistic endeavours for sustainability and greater impact


The Philippine Arts Council is composed of:

  • artists who are engaged in Philippine art forms

  • artists who are Filipinos or of Filipino-descent 

  • persons and organizations involved in the work of/on Philippine art and culture

  • students and persons participating and/or volunteering in the programs of the Philippine Arts Council

  • arts benefactors and sponsors

Philippine Arts Council Projects:

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The Philippine Arts Council is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Founder/Executive Director:  

Ida Beltran-Lucila


Founding Board:                                     Current Board:

Herald Casana                                           Herald Casana

Jojo Lucila                                                   Lito Velasco

Lito Velasco                                                Lucy Manuntag

Paul Briones                                               Kehrl Reyes

                                                                     Michael Parillas

                                                                     Jojo Lucila (Artistic Consultant)