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Public release:  June 2021

Premiered: February 20-28, 2021

Our voices. Our stories. Inform, inspire and transform.


Paglalayag is the Filipino word for voyage or journey. Paglalayag: the Philippines to Canada Journey, is a video project that chronicles the stories of migration and the lives of Filipinos in Canada. 

The documentary relates the stories of Filipinos: those who arrived in the 1960s, the teachers; nurses; caregivers; temporary foreign workers; the contributions and achievements; and the importance of heritage with Filipino-Canadians.

Stories of aspirations, sacrifice, reclamation, resiliency and realization. 

This project is presented with the support of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada

and Alberta Culture, MultiCulturalism and Status of Women.

Read the film reviews.

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which will go to the projects of Philippine Arts Council and  the Edmonton Philippine International Centre.
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