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The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Shane Doringo Zapanta. Edmonton, Alberta



A beaded head sculpture depicting insecurity on fitting in the societal perception of beauty. Punyeta, showcases the stigma on acne, how it damages and impact one’s self esteem. This sculpture deems to bring light into unravelling toxic perception to defining beauty pressured put to individuals growing up. No matter how one can be optimistic, we all know how much acne is stigmatized within the Filipino culture—-“wash your face”, “eat less junk food, eat healthy, exercise”, “use this product”, “you would have been pretty if you’d take care of your skin”. This work’s purpose is not to shame Filipino culture but to bring a bigger understanding on how we as a culture have impact on individuals because of our very own standard of beauty portrayed on wide scale media. And why we should change it. The prominent use of red depicts the thin line of hate and love. It paints the purpose how of we as a culture underestimate insensitive remarks to people and even our own loved ones. We tend to cloak it as an act of love disregarding how our very own words are and can always be a dagger on how one perceives themselves.


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