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Philippine Heritage at Stantec

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Mila Bongco Philipzig. Edmonton, Alberta


In June 2019, I organized the celebration of Philippine Heritage Month at the new Stantec Tower in Edmonton. This was made possible by donations of money and time from colleagues at Stantec Consulting, as well as collaboration with Bee Clean employees working at the Stantec Tower, many of which were Filipino temporary foreign workers. I made a point to have this celebration at the lobby of the building, instead of the third floor space only accessible to Stantec employees. This made for a celebration more accessible to all tenants of the building as well as those employed by Bee Clean. It was a very successful event which also coincided with the launch of the Asians Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Stantec, the first cultural-based ERG established in Stantec Canada, made possible by the same core group that presented the Philippine Heritage Month Celebration.


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