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In Different Places

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Kehrl Meeno Reyes. Edmonton, Alberta.



I remember

someone said

It's great to feel that there are friends

Even in different places.

In varying environments

We find traces of what can be

Our new safe space

Even in a slower pace

The grandeur of the Walterdale bridge

Like my alma mater's track I can go around til late

Lying on the grass at the hill

With someone missing home still

The buzz at Whyte

I see Manila's busy streets in light

To the same stores I go

With a promise to explore, to grow

The hills at Griesbach,

The sight of downtown in the river valley

The amusing lights at refineries in the East

The seemingly never-ending LRT construction

The vastness of The Mall that you already know

I miss home

While in my new home

Yet I enjoy two worlds

Each contributing to my person

I miss you, too.

I remember you in the community.

I see you in the passion

Of every strong person I meet.

And I continue to grow regardless.

It's there

And it's everywhere, in every new thing.

To long for that familiar feeling

That makes life worth living.


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