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Hikaw Earrings

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Riana Torrejon. Edmonton, Alberta



Hikaw Earrings was founded in Riana's kitchen with her co-founder Jadon To. During the pandemic, she found a love for creating polymer clay earrings. Each earring pays an homage to Riana's Filipinx roots, using her memories of the Philippines such as the islands she visited and the meals she ate at home. With every earring, Riana hopes to teach others about the Philippines and increase the amount of Filipinx representation online.

Fun fact: "Hikaw" is actually the Filipinx word for "earring"!


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1 commento

07 mag

Fukin flip earrings. Gave me a rash and then an ear infection.

Mi piace
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