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Filipiniana Sculptures

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Ignacio "Mogi" Mogado. Markham, Ontario


Filipiniana Sculptures

  • Oriental Triggerfish

  • Coral Reef Angelfish

  • Bird of Paradise

  • Heliconia Stricta

  • San Lorenzo Ruiz

Artist's Statement on Works

I confess to the occasional longing for home, more so now that I am in my senior years. I feel fortunate to have created sculptures of objects that once caught my youthful fancy. Touch them and I instantly reconnect with those beauties of my boyhood days. The sea in northern Philippines where I grew up brims with colourful and exotic fishes, and up in the nearby Cordillera mountains where we playfully explored, abounded with many wild flowers. Indeed, awesome wonder from our Creator. With San Lorenzo Ruiz as the patron saint for expatriate Filipinos, I have a special devotion to him. I know he is there for me when I need to pray. It was awesome to have a school named in honour of this Filipino saint in our City of Markham. I felt privileged to create his statue for the school, which is now on permanent display at the lobby.

Ignacio "Mogi" Mogado, Self-taught Artist/Sculptor


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