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Filipiniana Paintings

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Ignacio "Mogi" Mogado. Markham, Ontario


Filipiniana Paintings

  • Philippine Butterflies and Flowers series

  • Romanzovia Swallowtail and Honeysuckle

  • Rice Paper and Scarlet Bush

  • Blue-blackwing Swallowtail and Double Hydrangea

  • Blackwing Swallowtail and Asian Lily

  • Home by the River as the Sun Sets in Countryside Philippines

  • Coming Home After a Hard Day's Work and Sunset in Countryside Philippines

  • Blessed Virgin Mary Shrine on a Rock in Boracay Beach

  • Vintas on a Breezy Bay

Artist's Statement on Works

Beauties that once took my breath away - is my best description for this group of paintings.

With butterflies and flowers, they are pure joy to behold. Early in life I was taught to love them, to stop me from chasing butterflies and cutting flowers from the neighbour's yard. All those years I never could not get enough of them, until I put them down on canvas. Now I can sit back and stare, and relish wow moments from those little boy me days. Same thing with the landscapes. Recurring themes of God's beautiful country in our homeland - simple life in the waysides represented in the iconic bahay kubo, spectacular sunsets, water playgrounds, etc. - uniquely Filipiniana that are imprinted in our hearts and minds. I never could outgrow my love for them. It is my pleasure to share this sampling of nostalgia to fellow expatriates, and to all others, why not visit our beautiful Philippines.

Ignacio "Mogi" Mogado, Self-taught Artist/Sculptor


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