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Dr. Jose Rizal: National Hero of the Philippines

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Ignacio "Mogi" Mogado. Markham, Ontario


Statement on Works

In the early years of Filipinos in Toronto, there was a nostalgia of sorts for giving expression to our national identity. Canada's multiculturalism policy encouraged celebrating our cultural traditions. Foremost in the minds of the community then was Dr. Jose Rizal. After all, in the homeland he is honoured in every village with a monument. In other countries, there were already over 75 monuments by the 70s. Aspire as much as we want, it was a daunting dream because of the cost. Here is where I felt challenged or inspired or called. I responded with the first Rizal bust sculpture which is now on display at the Filipino Community Centre in Toronto. My second Rizal bust sculpture is used on special occasions, sometimes by the Knights of Rizal. I am most proud of my third sculpture, the full statue Dr. Jose Rizal Monument in Markham, at the Luneta Gardens, which I also designed. When I saw over a thousand celebrants in the parade to the unveiling of the monument, it took me back to the early times of a hopeful young community, their ambitious dream have now been fulfilled.

Ignacio "Mogi" Mogado, Self-taught Artist/Sculptor


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