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At the Seaside

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Kehrl Meeno Reyes. Edmonton, Alberta.



I thought I saw your face in the sand I’m reminded of you again.

Quickly it faded anyway, The waves came, and washed it away. I laid down, and whispered in the breeze, The skies felt calm like the last time’s ease No sign of rain in this space. Today is far from that case. I heard your voice in the tides, gushing Where they meet the land, rushing Different directions and levels Will my thoughts eventually settle? I went to the waters Swam mightily like nothing matters I remember when you stopped me I remember why I didn’t go further. The sun is setting The days wore us out, brightness fades Here, I can only leave my footsteps Marks of a heart that tried, but failed. Finally, a sigh. The seaside has its secrets shy You’re no longer beside me But someone else eventually will be.


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