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The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Giselle General. Edmonton, Alberta


Artist/Creator Statement on Work

The title of the work is "Palit-pananami (roughly translates to "change of clothes") and it's a mixed media/digital art. This is an expression of one of the ways I feel conflicted about my Filipino identity and how I present it living in Canada. During the rare occasions I can visibly represent my heritage through attire, I feel unsure on which outfit is best to showcase my identity and pride not only to my fellow Filipinos but also to non-Filipino individuals. Do I go with the easily-recognizable Filipiniana attire, or do I wear a traditional attire that more accurately depicts the culture of the area where I was born and raised, which is the Cordillera mountain regions of the Philippines? Which outfit is more appropriate for me to wear, given that I was technically a transplant, a child of someone with Tagalog and Pangasinense background and not of native Ibaloi ancestry? There are times that I wished, that maybe something like this could be my outfit instead. Finding ways to find balance, compromise and authenticity is what I try to express and navigate while doing this art piece.


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