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Mayon Volcano

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Patrick James Caoile. Edmonton, Alberta


Mayon Volcano

Artist's Statement

I have been always mesmerized by nature's beauty, that is the reason why I created this oil painting of Mayon Volcano. With its perfectly shaped cone as well as the myth behind this stunning creation; a story of Daragang Magayon and her lover died and buried together by her father, and as time passed by, they noticed something on the place where her father buried the lovers and it started to form a volcano and from then on her father named it Mt. Mayon as we know it today.

Like many other volcanoes, Mayon can be destructive and still is one of the earth’s most active volcanoes, despite that, it is also productive and have a lot of benefits for the farmers of Albay. The region of Albay has fertile slopes plains which border the volcano. Some of the crops grown in Albay are abaca, coconut, vegetables, and rice hence the farmer represents in the painting, not only in Albay but all the farmers in the Philippines which they have put their efforts to their crops for their fellow Filipinos.


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