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Bilingual Children's Books

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Mila Bongco Philipzig. Edmonton, Alberta


Sandy Beaches to Snow, Snow to Sandy Beaches

Goodnight Philippines, Goodnight World

Artist's Statement

A lot of stories have inspired me. But growing up, I often felt like an outsider looking through a window because even if I could relate, I felt like there were not many stories then which spoke about experiences of people like me, who do not belong to the "mainstream". Now living in Canada, I noticed that there are not many stories about immigrant children and families. I want children who come from a different place, and have multiple heritage, to find themselves as protagonists in stories they can identify with, to enjoy narratives where they are being celebrated.

We each have our unique stories. Sharing our stories helps us not only to expand our horizons but I believe, also to become more open-minded, accepting, and caring of the many different people and places around us. This is what makes me a curious and avid reader, and what encourages me to write - the thought and hope that by sharing our unique stories of hope and pain and triumphs, we encourage each to help to create a better, loving world together.

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2 comentarios

12 jun 2022

@milabongcophilipzig where can we buy these bilingual books for our grandchildren?

Me gusta
Philippine Arts Council
Philippine Arts Council
18 jun 2022
Contestando a

Send us an email so we can provide you details - Thank you!

Me gusta
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