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Bamboo Forest and a Red Panda

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Maria Elizabeth Arroyo. Burnaby, British Columbia


Bamboo Forest and a Red Panda

Artist's Statement

Acrylic painting

Bamboo is the tallest perennial grass, abundantly growing in the Philippines. There are 60 known species of bamboo in the Philippines. Bamboo has a wide variety of uses, such as furniture, handicrafts, fishing and farming tools, building house material and a lot more uses. Bamboo is beneficial in the ecological system. It minimizes soil erosion and it stabilizes river banks. A young shoot of certain species of bamboo is edible and is a great delicacy in Philippine cuisine.

A lone red panda in the painting was created by the artist to depict the life of an adolescent Filipina who confined herself in a bamboo forest to contemplate, to conquer self identity and victory. As most Filipina had endured to be successful in Canada. Artist inspired from the movie Turning Red.


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