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Ala-Ala Bintana ng Kahapon

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Antonio (aka Tony/Val) Caday Ludovico. Edmonton, Alberta


Ala-Ala, Bintana ng Kahapon (Memories, Window of the Past)

Acrylic on Canvas

Ala-Ala, Bintana ng Kahapon (Memories, Window of the Past)

My Mom's father, my Lolo was a master carpenter and maker of this old traditional art of making capiz windows. I watched him right from cutting each piece of wood, cutting raw capiz shells and assembled them to create each window without any use of nails or screws. As a master of carpentry that he used dovetailing so he can attach each piece, insert the capiz shells and up to finished windows which many small closed towns that proudly say he did most of those old houses. Some of these homes are still around. It's my tribute to remembering him.

This painting also reminisces living a simple life, fly kites with friends, climbing, and picking mangoes. Enjoy the cool breeze from the farm around you under the shade of the big mango tree. Remembering my pet dog named "Puppy" and my turtle pet, sad but funny too as there was a fire in my parents' factory that as they scooped water to put out the fire, they scooped my turtle and got thrown onto the fire. As I'm crying, I was asked why and sobbed to let him know about it. He said to me it was an accident and we have to put out the fire. Memories of my parents who established the woodcarving business in the town of Binan.

About the Artist

Antonio Caday Ludovico

I'm Antonio Caday Ludovico, born and grew up in the small town of Binan, now a city in Laguna. My parents were Victor Baldemor Ludovico and Concepcion Caday Ludovico. Both were from Paete, Laguna, the Woodcarving Capital of the Philippines. I studied Architecture from University of Santo Tomas and migrated to Edmonton way back in August 1982.

Having a father who's a wood sculptor of religious icons like the famous La Pieta of Nichols Air Base Church and Canlubang Church, with his mentor from Paete too, Master Toti Cagayat that arts is in our blood. Our Dad is related to our National Artist of the Philippines Mr. Manuel Baldemor, who is my uncle and Wilfredo Baldemor, sculptor, were cousins of my Dad.

Our Mom's father, my grandfather/Lolo, hailed also from Paete. He was a master carpenter making those well-known architectural windows known as "Bintana/Window with Capiz Shells". I grew up watching them and very sweet memories of the past which was depicted in my painting "Ala-Ala, Bintana ng Kahapon - Memories, Window of the Past".

Being here in Canada for 40 years that I will not be able to forget the cultures and traditions of being a Filipino. I will always be proud to be one and of our country, regardless of the political status in our country. As I'm getting old, I was inspired to paint this to reminisce on my childhood, picking mangoes on a tree, flying kits in the green fields under the sunny skies and cool breeze. Remembering my pet dog "Puppy" and my pet turtle. I thought being in Canada will make me happy but I knew there's something missing. I missed many of my friends and relatives now that our parents are both deceased and many relatives gone too, that in my sadness, I turned into arts, started to paint.


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