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Aking Mariposa

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Shane Doringo Zapanta. Edmonton, Alberta


Aking Mariposa

This work incorporates embroidery, beading, and showcases voluminous form akin to a butterfly’s cocoon. Aking Mariposa, demonstrate the freedom of becoming your own kind of butterfly, examining how we can be whatever we want to be. The symbolism of butterfly is used to depict how individuals have the ability to dissolve and morph from their old forms, how one can rebuild and evolve to becoming their very own best. Hence the usage of pastel and vibrant colours to showcase the resilience in the nature of being a Pilipino. The Filipino that I remember growing up and from the tales of my late grandmother. Aking Mariposa deems to shed light to individuals that we can paint our reality to any possible way we want it to be as long we persevere. Choosing beading and embroidery work to further symbolize that every beautiful creation takes time to bloom. As from my lola’s saying, “bata ka pa, marami ka pang magagawa,” I always believed in it and here I am living my very best and offering my own kind of bloom of creation to people. This work is dedicated to my Lola, Gloria, who is a seamstress, hoping to make her proud as her granddaughter is also accomplished in the area of sewing and needle work.


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