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This dance video premiered for May Asian Heritage Month with CanAsian Arts Network, and is being shared publicly for June Philippine Heritage Month.

This dance piece is set to the Filipino lullaby “Ugoy ng Duyan” (In the Rocking of the Cradle) by Philippine National Artist Lucio San Pedro, conveying the warmth and security of a mother’s embrace. The piece evokes the soothing comfort of maternal love, inviting one to bask in the nostalgia of one’s own memories. It is a celebration of the power of love and the enduring connection between mother and child, offering a moment of respite from the chaos of the world and a reminder of the solace that can be found in the refuge of love.

June 17-18, 2023. 10 am - 6 pm

Edmonton Philippine International Centre

10104 32 Avenue NW, Edmonton

A 2-day workshop of creative learning and engagement in dance, music, creative writing, visual art and theatre. This is a space for imagination, empowerment and artistry, which will allow participants' distinct voices to emerge in a space of joyous participation.

Workshop facilitators are Filipino-Canadian artists from Vancouver with unique voices and expertise in their professions.


Public release:  June 2021

Premiered: February 20-28, 2021

Paglalayag: the Philippines to Canada Journey chronicles the stories of migration, and the lives of Filipinos in Alberta.

Paglalayag is the Filipino word for voyage or journey. This documentary relates the stories of Filipinos: those who arrived in the 1960s: the teachers; nurses; caregivers; temporary foreign workers; the contributions and achievements; and the importance of heritage with Filipino-Canadians.

This video project is presented with the support of the Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada and Alberta Ministry of Culture, MultiCulturalism and Status of Women.

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