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November 5-27, 2022

Citadel Theatre

Commissioned by the Citadel, Almost a Full Moon is inspired by the beloved Christmas album by Canadian singer/songwriter Hawksley Workman. This beautiful new holiday musical follows three storylines that chase in and out of different ages of Christmas, love, and family, winding together for a timeless story.

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June - July 2022

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage is an online exhibit of multimedia works on Philippine living heritage themes in Canada.

This event aims to explore the unique qualities and build an inventory of Philippine living heritage in Canada. It aims to encourage art creation, and an appreciation on how art can engage the community and the exploration of heritage. This is a wonderful opportunity to further artistic practice, promote Philippine culture , and showcase original works to the public.

Presented with the support of Canadian Heritage and in partnership with Edmonton Philippine International Centre (EPIC).


Public release:  June 2021

Premiered: February 20-28, 2021

Paglalayag: the Philippines to Canada Journey chronicles the stories of migration, and the lives of Filipinos in Alberta.

Paglalayag is the Filipino word for voyage or journey. This documentary relates the stories of Filipinos: those who arrived in the 1960s: the teachers; nurses; caregivers; temporary foreign workers; the contributions and achievements; and the importance of heritage with Filipino-Canadians.

This video project is presented with the support of the Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada and Alberta Ministry of Culture, MultiCulturalism and Status of Women.

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