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Aeron J - Edmonton Emerging and Serendipitous Artist

In the performing arts industry, apart from talent, skills and hard work, luck may play a big part in one’s career - of being at the right time at the right place, and/or knowing the right people. One artist with such luck is Edmonton-based singer and songwriter, Aeron J.

You may see Aeron J as one of the front act performers in local shows in Edmonton featuring Philippine-based bands and performers. I did see him at the December Avenue concert and the Kultura Filipino Festival. He is also in the line up in upcoming concerts.

Aeron J is Aeron Joshua Basila, born and raised in Bulacan, who arrived in Edmonton in 2014. He is the oldest of three siblings (the others are twin sisters), whose parents worked in the entertainment industry - at GMA and ABS-CBN. As a young boy, Aeron J was fond of basketball, and dreamed of becoming an engineer as he was fond of numbers and problem solving.

But the pandemic, as with some people, altered the direction of his life. Bored out of his wits, he started writing songs, singing and recording his own music. His early songs, “Through Odds” and “Heartbreak” (released in January 2021) were inspired by his relationship with girlfriend Faith, who is his muse, primary and most important critic and supporter, and serves as his current manager. With no music training and technical background, Aeron J would find a beat or vibe then write out lyrics based on his current thoughts and emotions. A guarded person, he found he is able to express himself more through his songwriting.

It was while looking for assistance with a mix that Aeron J reached out to a member of HOOD 047, an Olongapo City-based rap group. This led to an invitation to collaborate with the group in the music video “Wasted”. The video went viral, trending #1 in the Philippines with 18 million views on YouTube. It also featured Guthrie Nikolao, along with HOOD 047’s J emm Dahon, Kushin and KL. Aeron J’s contribution to Wasted was about missing his friends due to the pandemic. This successful collaboration led to tv guestings in the Philippines for Aeron J in ASAP, Tv5 and GMA. He was flown back to perform in the Wish Bus, performed in concerts and worked on a second collaboration with HOOD 047, On Time which was released in May 2022.

Aeron J has currently five songs mostly in Filipino, released in his different channels, i.e. YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. He is one of a handful of artists fortunate to have opportunities like these in less than two years of embarking on a musical career path. He is thrilled with the fact that he is now experiencing what he and his friends used to just dream about, and his journey is serving as an inspiration to his friends. It is after going through all these exhilarating engagements that he realised that music is something he can and should be serious at pursuing. He is currently studying music mixing, social media and digital marketing and plans to take vocal training.

With most of his success anchored in the Philippines, he seeks to establish himself in Canada, headline his own concert, and be at par with artists he idolizes like Ex B, December Avenue and Ben&Ben. Grateful for the opportunity provided to him by HOOD 047, he pays this forward by connecting local Edmonton artists to those he has worked with in the Philippines, and having collaborations with other young artists in his upcoming music videos and EPs.

One can say that luck was working in Aeron J’s favour for the start of his musical career. And from the looks of it, it was a really great start. It is now up to him, as a true artist, to sustain this momentum and potential with hard work, perseverance and passion. And so, if you are a believer of serendipity and destiny, watch out for Aeron J and witness the trajectory his talent and music career would take. We wish Aeron J all the best!

Photos c/o Aeron J


* This article was published in the November 2022 issue of the Alberta Filipino Journal.

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