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Filipino Indigenous Peoples Organization in Quebec (FIPOQ)

The Filipino in Me - Insights into Living Heritage

Entry by Jayson Patrimonio Palolan


About the Organization

The Filipino Indigenous Peoples Organization in Quebec is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization. The organization's objective is to educate all members about the history and cultures of various indigenous groups in Canada and in the Philippines, to develop and strengthen the skills among members through various artistic forms, to encourage integration in the indigenous communities in the Philippines, and to network with individuals and other organizations/associations who are against any forms of discrimination, human rights violation, the plunder of economies, destruction of the environment and wars of aggression, which occurs widespread poverty and injustice for indigenous people globally.

Cultural Dance Participation Montreal event

Défilé de l'Amitié nuestroamericana

L'Amitié nuestroamericana, promoting solidarity and friendship, in collaboration with the First Nations and cultural communities, to maintain a space of expression in the streets of Montreal with the goal of promoting the recognition of the other, in a meeting marked by humanity. The event is celebrated every first week of the month of August observing International Indigenous Month. The group participated from year 2012 to 2020.

Defile de l’amite Nuestroamericana 2017

Begnas Ritual and Takik Dance performance (video)

About the dance. Begnas is a community rite in Mountain Province with a series of rituals performed in accordance with certain indigenous beliefs ancored on the existence of the Almighty generally referred as Kabunyan. They perform the dance takik, each gesture of the dance has its own symbolism such as the rice plant, the eagle, the carabao, unity, praise and honouring the ancestors.

The Cordillera community in Canada still carry the culture through sharing to the community and transferring of knowledge to the younger generation for preservation and educating its importance. The youth collaborates with elders honouring our indigenous culture.

We share our talent and skills about indigenous music and culture, what we learned back home from Cordillera playing the gongs, the nose flute Kaleleng and the jaw harp kubing.

Creating connection and camaraderie

Intercultural exchange, First Nations and from Cordillera and Mindanao

Sharing knowledge, exploring the commonality of indigenous community, respecting differences, honouring the environment, the people, having an atmosphere of family, unity and respect.

Our organization, our group, our community, our culture, our people, our family creating a spirit of friendship, family and solidarity showing the genuine Filipino in us.

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