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Artist Profile: Artist's House Studio

ARTIST'S HOUSE is a private music studio founded in 2005 by Jea Cawagas-Cates which caters to budding musicians of all ages. It provides stimulating piano and guitar lessons through exceptional quality of instruction that combines discipline and creativity. In addition to private individual lessons, ARTIST'S HOUSE also offers group lessons on traditional Filipino string instruments called Rondalla ensemble.

Its GOAL is to make music instruction a fun and enjoyable experience for young and adult students by helping them set their own vision of music skill and artistry for personal fulfillment as well as public performance. The ARTIST'S HOUSE nurtures the student's expectations in achieving their music goals through the instructors' warm and caring personalities and sharing their love and passion for music. Another important goal is the preservation of Philippine culture through teaching how to play and appreciate different traditional instruments and integrating them to develop a unique type of Asian music.


Private music lessons include the fundamentals of piano, classical and acoustic guitar playing, technique, theory and sight reading. Instructors teach classical, rock, jazz and blues music to beginners and advanced students depending on their preference.

Rondalla ensemble lessons include the fundamentals of banduria, octavina, laud, acoustic and bass guitar playing, technique, theory and sight reading. Instructors teach traditional music and Filipino classics in incorporating it to western and contemporary music.


An Annual Recital is held showcasing students' achievements with their rendition of their favourite pieces. This event is an opportunity to enhance the student's performing skills and creativity by sharing them with family and friends.

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Examinations are conducted four times each year. The RCM is one of the most respected music education institutions in the world, providing the standard of excellence in curriculum design, assessment and performance training. The curriculum of the RCM is made available and accessible to students across North America.

ARTIST'S HOUSE provides preparation for the RCM practical and theory examinations implementing the curriculum of The Royal Conservatory syllabus. All ARTIST'S HOUSE students who have taken the RCM examination have successfully passed the rigorous standards of the Conservatory with honours and first class honours.


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