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Experience Philippine arts and culture through performance-workshops and exhibits!

In celebration of Alberta Culture Days

Selected as an official celebration site

September 30, 2017. 1:00 - 7:00 p.m.

ACCA Centre, 3530 91 Street, NW, Edmonton

Free and Open to all ages

Human Nature Canada                Tutti Frutti Yogurt, Millwoods

MRD Productions


Kalinangan features a series of workshops, interactive performances and exhibits that would provide first hand experience on Philippine dance, music, visual arts, martial arts, literature, and crafts. All these sessions are open to the public, for all ages, free of charge.

Creation: Guided Filipino Image/Landscape Painting

1:00-4:00 p.m.

with Mila Bongco-Philipzig

Acrylic artist Mila Bongco-Philipzig will guide participants into creating their own artwork on a chosen Philippine image and landscape. She will be assisted by portrait-artist Heidel Valeriano.

Workshop: Philippine Folk Dance and Modern Transformations


by Jojo Lucila

A workshop on folk and ethnic dances from the regions of the Philippines, i.e. the Cordillera mountainous regions, the Spanish-influenced dances, the Muslim and tribal dances of the south, and the rural dances. It will encompass cultural contexts and imageries of movement, which will serve as framework in the translation and/or adaptation of folk/ethnic movements to modern westernized dance idioms.

Work in Progress: Emma the Musical and Indigenous Instruments Workshop


by Erica Cawagas, Jea Cawagas-Cates and the Filipino Canadian Saranay Association

Emma is an original musical by Chie Floresca and Erica Cawagas. Scheduled to premier in 2018, it is a play inspired by the perseverance and resilience of the Filipino spirit. The workshop will include a mini-talk on the creative process of the musical, a performance of excerpts, and hands-on instruction on indigenous instruments.


Workshop: Filipino Martial Arts


by the members of the Philippine Warrior Arts Society in Edmonton

The Philippine Warrior Arts Society was formed in 2012 for the sole purpose of preserving and promoting authentic and original Filipino martial arts systems. They strive to seek the truth in combative efficiency and ensure that the Filipino martial arts actually follow the principles of combat applicability that they are known for. They are dedicated to helping all Filipino-origin combatives styles, and are committed to ensuring high standards of quality and professional instruction among their membership. For membership, contact Guro Ollie through Facebook or call 587-708-2000.

Meet the Authors and Book Signing

Annie Chua

  • Author of Domestically Yours: A Caregiver’s Inspiring Journey. This book chronicles Annie’s experiences under the Live-in Caregiver Program in her quest to create a better future for her four daughters, at the same time leaving them behind in the Philippines.


Mila Bongco-Philipzig

  • Author of children’s book Sandy Beaches to Snow, Snow to Sandy Beaches. This is a child’s story about a family coming from a tropical place to a land of ice and snow, mirroring the author’s own move from the Philippines to Edmonton.

  • Author of Good Night Philippines, Good Night World. This is a dreamy book of different people in different places tenderly saying goodnight to each other. Each spread highlights a specific place and language in the Philippines, as well as a place and language in another country, as separated Filipino loved ones bid each other good night.

Work in Progress: Graphic Book on Migration to Canada

by Migrante Alberta

An illustration of the story of migration to Canada. A Canada 150 project.

Table Vendors:

Human Nature Canada * Akia Crafts Ltd. * Loriz Bakery *  Coco's Nest * Golden Bucks Bakeshop

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